Signage for Business and Commercial Applications

When considering signage companies should first consider the type of signage to be installed. Are they putting up pre-lit, LED, neon, or LCD digital signs? The choice of signage is a crucial part of the overall design of the project. This is particularly true for smaller and medium businesses. 

Signage for Business

Governments and public agencies in Australia have recognised the importance of signage in assisting consumers. These programs often require early action and signage is often an essential component of the design. Some of the more popular signage styles include single-line messages, quick turnaround messages, and banners. Choosing the right signage design for your project is a critical first step before designing any program.

Designing a signage program involves evaluating many different factors such as purpose, location and the types of materials to be used. Once the purpose and location have been established, a designer will need to consider the message the signage will convey. For example, would the signage be to promote a program or express a specific idea? In addition, designers will need to consider the visual aspects of the design, including text, font, colours, images, logos, animations, video and more.

Custom Signage

Local designers can offer a variety of signage design services. Custom signage is designed to meet the requirements of the individual clientele. This includes requests for unusual shapes, unusual colours, unusual graphics, special effects and any other theme that is specific to the company providing the signage. Bespoke signage includes a variety of graphic options including die-cuts, full-colour decals, lamination, foil stamping, UV coating, embossing, debossing, glossy and matte finishes.

Window Signage

There is a large number of options for signage that can be installed on the windows and doors. The signage can be quickly created and applied to the window or door using high-grade vinyl decals. It is a great way of branding and advertising. Window signs can be found in different sizes and designs to suit all requirements. You can find different installation services to help you install vinyl signage or signs.

Window signage can provide a unique design for an innovative, striking appearance on the road and in the city. This type of signage can be incorporated into main roads, on footpaths, on park benches, bus stops, cafes and restaurants, in parks and public areas and on private property. The high-quality vinyl material ensures the longevity of the signage and also creates an attractive appeal.

Signage for Business


These options are designed to create impact, attention and visibility with its design and placement. The lightbox signs are available in digital or physical format and are used to display any type of information, such as building signage, advertising, road signage and more.

Final Thoughts 

Due to its popularity and the ease with which it can be installed, signage companies like Signs Etc. are in high demand. There are companies located across the country that specialise in different areas of service. With the assistance of these specialist signage companies, project managers can plan and execute a project that meets the requirements of the clients without worry or concern about their budget.

There is an extensive range of signage to meet the design needs of your business and advertise your product or service. Signage companies can help you design building signage and even LED signs, depending on your requirements. To get the best quality product, signage companies make sure to work closely with their clients to develop a bespoke solution using state-of-the-art technology and design. These solutions include LED signage, custom signage, wraps, posters, decals, wall stickers and more.

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